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20/12/2006 now live

The site we've build for Aventa allows their customers to log in and order medications that will be delivered the next day. With this site Aventa and its customers can order on more efficient way with less chance on mistakes. The ordering site uses AJAX programming. If you want know more about AJAX technology we can build for you, just give us a call.



01/11/2012Staal Antillen / Heru B.V. Live
26/05/2011StudentenKamerCuracao.COM launched
01/12/2007Seawings website re-designed
21/11/2007Maduro Air Freight Services website live
24/09/2007TNT Netherlands Antilles site launched
30/08/2007Atlantis Apartments now Live
06/08/2007Insel Air Cargo Launched
15/05/2007CasaNobo Real Estate website launched
22/02/2007Redesign PDB
15/02/2007IFCE Funds Services website launched
17/10/2006The Movies Re-designed
02/05/2006Deltaworks is re-designing its website

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